Discounts are available at Bailout Bail Bonds.  We offer reduced rates for many of our potential clients.  See if you qualify for a discount.

  • Active & Retired Military
  • City/State/County & Federal Employees
  • Essential Workers
  • College Students
  • Defendants with private attorneys

Active Military & Veterans

Qualified defendants include active duty and veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Call us to learn about reduced rates available for our military personnel.

We also work with indemnitors who are current or former military as well.

City/State/County & Federal Employees

Qualified defendants include City, State, County and Federal Employees in which the defendant or indemnitors are employed. Give us a call to learn about reduced rates.  We also have reduced rates for our essential workers.

*Employment must be validated by a current employee ID card.  

College Students

Qualified defendants must be currently enrolled in an accredited South Carolina College.  Call us to learn about our reduced rates available to our college students.

*Student must be a resident of South Carolina and have verifiable proof of enrollment.


Private Defense Attorney is any practicing attorney who is retained by or on behalf of the defendant. Bailout Bail Bonds offers the lowest rates available for clients who retain private defense attorneys. If a person is serious enough to hire an attorney, then we are willing to pass this savings along in an effort to reduce the overall cost of a sound criminal defense.