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Bailout Bail Bonds is located in Richland County SC.  We specialize in Richland and Lexington County; however, we service all 46 counties in South Carolina.


At Bailout Bail Bonds we know bad things happen to good people and sometimes great people just make not so good choices. Our Mission is simple, “To Provide Every Client Prompt, Professional Service at an Affordable Price.” Our clients are more to us than just dollar signs. During a time of crisis, our clients are looking for someone who’s respectful, professional, and caring. Therefore, we are there with you from the start of the bail bond process to the end of the case. Our entire customer service model revolves around these three key client needs. Rest assured, when you call on Bailout Bail Bonds, the agent you speak to will act promptly, professionally and will find a way to make bail affordable for you.

Team Bailout


Internally, we have an expectation “To Set the Standards of Service and Affordability in the Bail Bond Business.” This means we will never become satisfied that we have done enough to serve our client’s core needs. Whether we are researching new ways to expedite the release process, upgrading the atmosphere within our offices or fine tuning our financing alternatives, our clients can be assured we will never stop trying to serve them better.


Our agents follow a set of internal principles that ensure we meet the needs of every client. By sharing these fundamental behaviors and beliefs, we know we will be successful in following the Vision we have set for ourselves.


At Bailout Bail Bonds, we understand that nothing ever happens at an ideal time.  We do our best to make the bail bond process as easy as possible for our clients.  Although we prefer to meet at our office, we understand that this may not always be the most convenient for you or your family.  We will meet you at your home or your office to help you complete all paperwork needed to get the bail bond process  started.  We will also come to you to accept a payment if you are unable to come to us.

This day and age with tablets and smart phones,people want everything NOW and we also provide our clients with the convenience of using our website for all of their bail bonding needs.  Our website will allow you too:

  • Review frequently asked questions on our FAQs page
  • Chat online via our realtime online chat feature
  • Ask questions via email on our contact us page
  • Apply for a bail bond via our online bail bond application
  • Fill out our bail bond agreement and other forms online
  • Make payments via our online payment center

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients through the use of the latest technological advances.


As a Bail Bond Agency, we believe in full transparency.  Bailout Bail Bonds has has met the requirements set forth by the South Carolina Department of Insurance (SCDOI) and upon request will provide anyone with our Agency License number.

In addition to our Bail Bond Agency license, we are required to have a business license issued by the counties in which we do business. This license must be renewed on a yearly basis. Upon request, we will provide anyone with our business license information.

Each of our bail agents are licensed by the SCDOI and are required to keep their license active at all times. In South Carolina, bail agents are required to attend yearly continuing education courses as well as take fingerprints every year in order to renew their license. Our agents will always make their license number available to anyone who requests.


The Surety Bail Bond industry is a very misunderstood industry and it has been misunderstood for a long time. With the popularity of the TV show ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’, Bail Bondsmen are often mistakenly classified as ‘Bounty Hunters” and we are not. As we have absolutely no issues with ‘Bounty Hunters’, there is a difference between us. Surety Bail Bond agents are licensed insurance agents who underwrite insurance policies. It is the goal of Bailout Bail Bonds to correct that misunderstanding by educating our clients as well as the general public about the importance of the bail bond industry and how valuable this industry is to the community. Each of our agents are held to the highest standards of professionalism and will always conduct themselves in a positive manner.  We are always dressed to impress and ready to assist you with your bail bond needs.


We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to clients. Our clients come from all different walks of life and all have different situations. We are aware that life is different for everyone and therefore we always do our best to accommodate everyone’s situation. Whether it is working with an elderly person who has limited travel ability or fine tuning a payment plan for someone on a fixed income, we always take our clients situation into consideration. We always remain flexible and are always willing to work with our clients to help them overcome any obstacle that may get in the way of being reunited with their friend or family member.


As a bail bond agency, we operate with a high level of integrity. We understand that most people do not understand the jail system, the court system or how bail bonds work and because of this we feel the need to educate our clients.  Before any paperwork is signed, we explain the entire process from beginning to end. We explain all upfront fees that need to be paid, we review all documents in a language they can understand and we make sure that all parties to the contract fully understand their responsibility as well as the consequences involved should the contract be breached.  All of this is done BEFORE any paperwork is signed to prevent any misunderstandings.

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Your privacy is a major concern for us which is why we will never share any of your information with anyone for any reason. At Bailout Bail Bonds we have a strict privacy policy in place and we take your privacy seriously. We are always discreet when it comes to our clients and we will never compromise your privacy.

In this day and age when internet security is a concern, we have taken measures to implement the latest cyber security tools to keep our clients information safe and sound. We constantly update our cyber security tools to keep us safe from new threats to your privacy.

If you need help with bail, call Bailout Bail Bonds at 803.333.9669 and let one of our Bail Agents help you today!